Windows 10 mini review

After spending a day configuring and trubleshoting problems that I accidentally contributed to, I know present you my thoughts in this mini review of Windows 10 home edition.

First thing first, updates cannot be turned off. You can set windows to not auto restart but that's about it. Sucks when you are playing game or downloading something and need the full power of the internet but that's how things are now.

The windows itself look futuristic and the return of the start button only adds to the already great windows expirance. The new start mixes the old windows 8 tiles along with 7's start, so you are getting a mixture of both. You can make the start look and behave like windows 7 by installing Classic Shell.

All the programs that I use worked out of the box so far and Titanfall had no noticeable FPS drop. I will be testing more games soon and will update you all should anything breaks.

Moving on to the important part, the new Edge web browser.

As you can see, the new browser looks cool and futuristic. I'm currently using it for all kind of things and noticed a few problems (some are deal breaker):

  • You cannot save the downloads to any other location except the default one.
  • Add-ons are not yet supported.
  • Some sites don't work well (Google services + Old versions of word press).
  • No way to sync passwords or anything.
  • Resource usage can go high sometimes.

Other then the above, I find the browser great and modern. Its up to Microsoft to fix all the issues quickly before Edge becomes IE. The note taking feature is great as you can take notes on any page and save it to One note.

All in all, the web browser has potential and looks like Google Chrome when it first came out. I truly believe that ones the add ons feature goes live, the browser will get insane amount of useful extensions making it a serious competitor to Chrome.

So to conclude this blog post, I really like what I see and the whole windows feel smother and faster and with Direct X 12 support, there is no reason not to upgrade considering its free for most users.

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