Windows 10 can disable pirated software, here is the problem

So I'm sure that by now most of you have heard that by using Windows 10 you agree to its End User License Agreement that basically says Windows can disable Microsoft pirated software and games.

The usual response is: If you have nothing to hide, why are you worried? Here is why:

Big Brother

Most of us fear for our privacy, not because we are secretly working for ISIS but because we as humans hate when someone is constantly watching us. The basic human right is to be free without being monitored.

If the forced Windows updates that disrupt using windows and gaming is not enough, we now fear that our systems will be constantly scanned. And while that may not be a problem for some, most would agree that this is going too extreme.

Disabling Unauthorized Hardware

This could mean anything, latterly anything. Microsoft could break the compatibility of PS4 controller and claim its an unauthorized hardware and the only official control is the Xbox one pad. See what I mean?

Now most of you could be thinking; Microsoft will never do it. That's not the point. The point is we are agreeing to an unclear contract that basically allows Microsoft to do what they please in the name of the law. Not a smart idea.

Microsoft aren't stupid, everything written in the user agreement has a meaning. Nothing was put inside for no reason. I for one will be monitoring this closely. I admit, I was champion of the OS and recommended it to everyone but if things like Force Updates and constant Monitoring is what Windows 10 is all about then I'm afraid I will look elsewhere or even downgrade.

Microsoft, you tried this on Xbox One and look how that ended. You had trouble convincing consumers to upgrade from Windows 7, you don't need this. Trust me.

Adam A

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