Why I use reddit as my main world news source

Another Conspiracy theorist who relies on social media to get his news, hooray. Jokes aside, here are my top reason for skipping CNN, Fox News and the rest.

Different news sources

Having news articles from many sources at once is better than switching channels or manually visiting the each website. Everything is listed for you to choose most of the time making it super easy. Of course, you will need to use common sense to filter out the incorrect or misleading info.


Trolls aside, having a healthy discussion can lead to a better understanding. reddit by far has better discussions than YouTube and maybe even Facebook. Many times a news article gets posted with a misleading title only for one of the commenters to provide a link to more clear version and maybe even clear up things by himself.


Been born and raised up to the age of 5 in Ukraine as well as having my family living in Kiev made me follow the news of the Russian hostile invasion and reddit had mostly the accurate articles from indie news sources. Yes, trolls tried to ruin and mislead in the comments section but using common sense made me filter the trolling with ease. I even participated in some discussions and I'm not even the commenter type.

Everything is posted as it happens

Yes, news sites tend to do this as well but reddit encourages submissions so user tends to post the latest as it happens. Not a groundbreaking achievement but a bonus to an already awesome site.

Political incorrect

The biggest benefit of using reddit for news is that news articles get posted covering all views. Normal media outlets can't for a simple reason; political correctness. It's great to have an independent political free news articles.

See ya in my next article.

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