Why I started using Google Docs as my main editor

I must admit, when I first tried Docs I thought who the hell is gonna use this striped down editor? Fast forward to today and Docs is my main writing tool that I depend on when writing games guides and the rest of my writing. Why the sudden change of heart you ask? Two important reasons:


I was and still is to some point against storing everything online. Servers can fail and organizations can go under. On the plus side, you can have your files ready as long as you have internet. When I wrote gaming guides in the 2003 I had to copy the files from pc to pc using a flash drive and later emailing stuff to myself. I still do so from time to time as I write things on my work pc then continue at home. With Google Docs that is no longer the case. In fact, I'm writing this blog post as I am in the hospital using my iPhone and will continue when I reach home. Yeas other services are starting to catch up and offer the same cloud storage but Docs do it smoother striping the unnecessary gimmicks and instead focus on writing itself.

Free and Google

Thats right, Google. As much as I am against the unclear user data collection I just cant pass the good free editor that is integrated into the Google echo system. Yes Microsoft Office online and 365 can have more features but Google Docs is faster and in many cases smother experience. Yes you still need Word for any serious documents writing or resume editing but for the most part Docs is more than I need.

The reason I am not a main Drive user even though Docs is directly saving the edits in it is the fear that I wont be able to pay for the extra space -I have a large collection of pics and videos on Dropbox- and my main emil, Gmail will stop working as a result. Once Gmail gets unlinked or at least wont stop working should you fail to pay and go over space in Drive I will seriously consider it for the rest of my files as right now Im using it for work and writing only.

Say what you want about Google, but the free useful features such as fast sharing and Drive integration is what makes people use it over the alternatives. Looking forward for the future updates.

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