Why I don't believe in tipping

For some reason, tipping especially waitresses have become mandatory. Should you fail to do so, you will be judged to death in most countries. Even the staff won't treat you nicely and possibly spit in your food.

That's the question I been asking for years with answers like "They don't make enough on their own", they did a good job and should be rewarded", etc..

Let me tell you something, some of us work hard and do more important and beneficial services to the community without a single extra dollar. Why is that? Why is it that only a restaurant and hotel staff get tips and not doctors, police officers or medics? When is the last time you tipped a great nurse at the hospital? Never, that's when.

Why aren't more important professions get tips? Because they earn enough? Blame the industry and business owners instead. I'm not knocking off hard workers in the restaurant industry but please stop acting like tipping is a must.

We all work hard (most of us) and this is how things should be. Going an extra mile deserves a recognition from both your management and in some case the customer himself but in no way should it be a must!

Once again, not disrespecting low paying jobs but at the same time, the entitlement should be dropped. If I decided to tip someone be it a waitress or a medic who saved my life, I will be doing so on my own goodwill which makes it x10 more authentic and means more than simply because I was almost forced to do so.

Keep up the good work everywhere folks.

Adam A

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