Where is Bigfoot? My conclusion

Yes Bigfoot,

I'm no conspiracy theories freak although I do research this type of stuff and truly believe we are not alone in the universe -Next blog post- and believe that undiscovered creatures exists. My take on Bigfoot changed today after some serious considerations, not saying I 100% believed in the first place but after a few thoughts and searches I'm leaning toward the fact that he is extinct or never existed. Here is why;

Poor image quality

Why is it every time a supposed picture evidence surface it looks like it was taken using an old Nokia phone? We live in the smart phone age but yet its like the person who takes these photos always says "An evidence, let me take the picture using the worst quality device in existence!".

The Natives stories

Yes yes, we all heard it and saw it on tv shows. Native Americans claim that Sasquatch was the protector of the forest or stuff like that but lets take a minute and ask the question: How many bones or skull can they show? Not a single one I'm afraid.

With nonstop stories don't you think someone would at least have any sort of DNA evidence? It's always that guy told me thing this...

The undefeated champion of hide and seek

If you can hide for more than 100+ years without being discovered then you are a true champ! At least a body or something, no? Ok I will take your word.


So a creature of this size must eat allot and hunt allot impacting the echo system of the forest, but here we are with no impact at all. The slightest change on something going low effects the whole system and with Bigfoot needing to provide for his family this makes no sense at all.

Dating site?

With the rare appearance of Bigfoot for the public eye it must be really hard for them to start a family and have little bigfoots as they are always on the run. Unless of course they have a secret place to meet or use some kind of phone powered by open source software.

Im sure I forgot to mention at least two more reasons but you should get the point with the above. Once again I do believe there are yet to be discovered creatures on and off this planet but Bigfoot? Not so much unless he lives in the ocean. I may be proven wrong one day and I really wish to meet one but until some hard evidence or logical theory comes along I'm afraid I lost faith in this hairy beast.

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