What's next for the Chris after UFC FOX 25?

By no now, UFC on Fox came and went. And as always, everyone starting to speculate on what's next. Here are my quick thoughts on what happened and what should probably happen next.

Weidman pulled a must needed victory in his hometown. But the most important and probably overlooked aspect is that it was against a dangerous contender and not some guy off the street like allot of fighters tend to do after going on a Lossing streak.

Yes, he was dropped but Gastelum is known to have the ko power. Likely Weidman survived and instantly recovered getting back to his feet before the round ended robbing the hatters of "saved by the bell" excuse.

This also proves that Weidman could have easily recovered from Gegard knee's and Mousasi was given a free W for his wiki page.

I believe the gas tank issue is still there but it's hard to tell with how this fight ended. Never the less, Weidman should work a balance between takedowns and boxing to progress further. Sticking to what works got him the win. An improved version should get him in the titles picture as well.

His next match could be against Souza, Romero or Rockhold rematch considering there is no one else and I don't want to hear Silva's name.

Those were my thoughts, what do you think guys?

Adam A

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