What is Gboard and why you should care

As the name suggest, Gboard the Google official keyboard was making a huge splash on IOS before being ironically ported to Google's own Android OS. In case you somehow missed it like I did, it is an amazing keyboard on both OSes with handy features when you need them.

For starters, the keyboard like all of Google's apps is free on both systems with zero ads. On Android, it replaced the standard Google Keyboard updating the app for everyone into Gboard. On IOS, it can be downloaded from the App Store. Once done, all it takes is a few seconds to customize the theme and basic features as well as making it the default keyboard as the app will guide you on IOS.

Now that you managed to set up the keyboard, let's get into the main features that set it apart from the standard IOS or other android keyboards.

Glide Typing

Gesture typing is not new as Swift Keyboard offered it as long as I can remember. Trouble is, not many knew or used it including. Not many understood the fun using it. I myself tried the swift keyboard and still prefer the Gboard as I tend to write better in it and it loads faster. Not to mention the other handy features and the direct support of Google.

Learning glide typing may seem hard at first especially if you never tried it but it gets easier with time as the keyboard predicts words that you often use. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Some may even find it easier and more comfortable to write in. You never know until you try. Wish I tried earlier.

Google Search

Imagine having a conversation on Whatsapp or any other chat app and suddenly needing to look something up? Fear no more. Gboard lets you search and share right inside the keyboard itself. Looking up topics while chatting is something I tend to do and this will speed up the process significantly as result cards will pop up as you search them. Very handy indeed.

The Space bar

A space bar? What's the big deal you ask? Not much except that you can use it as a trackpad scrolling left or right as you move through words and letters. Useful in correcting specific words and overall add or remove stuff without holding on the phone's glass.

Gif Searching

Before emojis there were Gifs. Animated pictures that were often funny. Now you can search and insert them in supported apps. Not a groundbreaking feature as Whatsapp just implemented it but a bonus never the less.


Most an Android advantage as IOS apps mostly tends to be stable. The app shows up instantly once you click on typing space and is as stable as they get. No noticeable glitches and bugs so far. A very underrated advantage on Android. Swift for example hiccups from time to time.

With all that been said, the IOS version is currently supporting English but more languishes are coming. Other than that, I think everyone should at least try it and see how it goes.

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