My first experience at Ukrainian Theater

I will admit right off the bat that I'm not a big fan of the live play. In fact, I only attended about 3 to 4 plays in my entire life. The lion king in New York was great but I already knew the story in advance.

Fast forward to today and I'm buying two tickets to a random play in Ukraine. All I knew at this point is that I just bought a ticket to the last play of the evening which later turned into last play of the season.

Everyone was dressed for the occasion. And although we weren't wearing inappropriate clothes, you could tell we weren't planning to attend from the start. Never the less, we made our way to the third-floor balcony which ironically was cheaper than the first floor and waited for the show to start.

Finally, the curtain was pulled and the show began. The basic story was about the medieval warrior who travelled the lands until he came to the town with a dragon. He then fell in love with the priest's daughter and decided to battle the dragon.

The play lasted almost an hour and was full of music and dialogue. Amazing play. I and my brother both had fun and we're glad to randomly drop into this memorable event.

Moral of the story, always experience new things and enrich the one life that you have. Have a good one folks.

Adam A

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