UFC on fox 25: Chris Weidman's future

The event draws nearer by the minute but to some, it is also the defining point of their career. Chris Weidman is set to fight the uprising Kelvin Gastelum and it won't end well for the loser.

I have written a previous blog post about Weidman's future against Gegard Mousasi but that fight raised more questions than answers. The Chris was mounting Gegard at will and even had full mount before the wrong judgement call by the ref and even worse ending call.

In short: Wideman has a gas tank problem and it is costing him big time. He looks good and in shape until he isn't. I'm not sure if weight cutting is getting to him but he needs a permanent solution and it better be ready for his upcoming fight.

Gastelum Is a dangerous fighter who just KOed Vitor easily. Being patient and respecting his ability is the key. Spamming takedowns and emptying the gas tank is a fast path to being KOed.

Yes, Wideman needs to learn how to punch and utilise his kicks but adjustments take time and time is something Wideman doesn't have. Staying sharp and patient should be Chris's upcoming game plan.

All the best to the Chris and Gastelum.

Adam A

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