UFC 210 weidman vs mousasi prediction

Less than two weeks from now we will witness UFC 210 with another Weidman fight. This fight is everything to Weidman and will be his reentry key into the title picture if he wins. If he loses, however, his career will end here.

Weidman is a great fighter that destroyed the supposedly greatest middleweight of all time twice in a row. He also lost twice in a row to two dangerous opponents namely Romero. Chris is in a very tight spot here. He must win in a dominant fashion and make a statement to even considered near the title again.

Chris showed guts and was careful in his last fight against Romero. The way the fight ended was not avoidable. Anyone and I mean anyone would have been KOed via a flying knee.
Sure he could have been more careful but it was meant to be.

Here is how I think things will go down; Chris via TKO round 3 or unanimous decision. Mousasi is yet to beat someone on top but is dangerous never the less. Weidman needs to carefully but aggressively pressure him with punches and takedowns while simultaneously watching for his leg kicks.

And while Weidman is not known for his aggressive first round KOs, he can deal significant damage and with enough pressure TKO his Mousasi. Another way this fight can end is via unanimous decision which will involve Weidman scoring points and back off which will look boring and unimpressive OR if Mousasi shuts down Weidman’s takedowns.

Bottom line, Weidman needs to take the risk and pull the trigger. He looks to be in good shape as of his Instagram pictures and can do it if he really wants to. May the best fighter win.

Adam A

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