Time to jump on Bit Torrent Sync

It is no secret that Bit Torrent's Sync had an amazing thing going with its Sync app eliminating the cloud with a faster upload/download speeds. The problem was its pricing module, aka subscription.

After reconsideration, Bit Torrent is now offering the Pro version at a fixed $39.99 per user. The free version's 10 folders restriction was removed making the free version a fully functional product on its own.

The biggest pro feature is the Selective Sync making the app a powerful dropbox like own server. I personally have nothing but good things to say about the free version and with the one fixed price per purchase I have no choice but to buy this wonderful app turning my PC into a backup cloud that only I can access.

Yes, you still risk losing your files should something goes wrong with your main PC but idea itself is great and different. For now, I am using both Dropbox and Sync. For backing up files, Dropbox is still king but for moving files around Sync is the undisputed winner.

One important thing; Don't let simplistic fool you! while Sync try to keep the clatter to the minimum, the clint has advance features like folders sharing and permission for the advance user or teams. Very impressive and helpful.

For example, our office has about 6 PC connected to the same network. Most of the time, a file gets edited on one PC leaving the other PC outdated until someone notices and by that time its already too late. True the enterprise edition is still a subscription based but the price is still reasonable considering that companies pay hundred of dollars for useless crap, mostly.

All in all, I love that the company listens to its consumers and wish for more features and success in version 3.

Adam A

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