Stop talking and start writing

The Golden rule of becoming successful at anything. I have seen people calling themselves pros, refuse any advice and truly believe they are instantly best at something the moment they decided to like it. The problem is, people brag while having little to no actual work done.

Stop self labeling

"Call me an artist, call me a pro, call me a writer"

We all know people that do/did this. That person may even be You. Labeling yourself takes away the hunger to achieve as your already what you want to be without the hard work. Instead of claiming to be a [insert anything], how about you do actual work and let the people speak for you?

I'm not asking you to not let the world know about your work or talent, what I do ask for is that you do the results do the talking. Being proud of your work is one thing, forcing it on people is another. A self-proclaimed legend is worth nothing. I been writing for at least 15 years but to this day refuse to call myself a writer.

Do it

Do I have a cool theme? The right equipment? Questions that don't have a right answer and never will. Start with what you have and move forward. Before starting my YouTube show channel, I always thought that I needed the latest and greatest microphones and cameras until I realized that many of the great and popular YouTube starts using old cameras and phones. Your content is what separates you from the rest, not the computer you used to create it.

Don't get me wrong, better stuff makes better quality. The problem kicks in once you focus on the stuff and not your work. I personally know people who created animated movies using paint and movie maker. You don't need a Mac to feel like a writer, you need your self.

Do what you like, not what the others want

A very confusing advice to some. Write and do for yourself before your doing it for others. Have your own style. You may be doing a job for someone according to their rules, but your style is what got you that job in the first place. Write about what you like, produce videos the way you like and they will come. Copying others and trying to gain followers will get you nowhere. Be original.

Never Envy, get better

Blessings come in many forms and shapes, instead of envying others open your eyes on what you have. A strange advice on productivity but I assure you that once you believe you have what you need things get better. I know a person that is never satisfied no matter what hew gets and always envoys others for everything even though he mostly has it better.

Once someone produces a better content he always shoots them down to feel good about himself. In his mind, he is the best at everything except that he lost half of his life envying and feeling superior instead of creating. Take the challenge, be better but don't envy.

Refuse the NO!

The only right time to surrender is when your dead. Get back up, see where you went wrong and correct it. Giving up is easy. No great writer or creator had it easy.

You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore -Jack Black

Have a great one folks ;J

Adam A

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