Region Lock is the worst enemy of digital content

Region Lock bothered me ever since I accidentally made a non-US PSN account and continued to do so till this very day. Sure things got little better as developers are introducing their content worldwide but the issue is still big. That's if you don't live in the states.

You see, digital apps, games and movies are all regions locked. For starters on my Nexus 6P, Google Play store is a joke. Yes, allot of the top apps are available but a good chunk is missing due to region restriction. A live example would be me trying to buy a Mail app to bypass the ridiculous Exchange email policy when linking it to my Phone. Once I visit the app's store page I immediately get greeted by "Not available in your region" message.

The industry keeps complaining how to allot of consumers resort to piracy yet fail to acknowledge the ridiculous restrictions placed on the paying once. What would one do when the content can't be purchased legally? I, for example, will now have to look for another app alternative to the one I had in mind and spend my cash elsewhere.

And let's not forget that the industry is moving away from physical media and is one step closer to becoming digital only. Unless you live in the states or the selected few you are left with a crappy version of the store at best. What about the rest of us?

I understand that some adjustment needs to be made to different markets and I don't mind paying little extra to make up for the price difference. Give me the option to buy it.

I own all kind of digital content ranging from eBooks to Music and Games. I want to spend but sometimes I can't due to the restrictions placed on my region's store. Netflix is finally worldwide but with half the content. The world is getting smaller and closer with the modern technologies but it seems that digital content providers didn't get the memo.

All in all, I hope that I will live to see the day that everything is available to anyone regardless of his current location or region. Content is made to be consumed regardless of where the consumer is. At least that's how I view it.

Adam A

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