My day is not 24 hours and neither should be yours

Since the beginning of time, it was agreed on that a single day is and will always be 24 hours. Fast forward to today and pretty much every business operates on the usual timings just like everything else. I for one hated this even though I understand that having a business or anything working 24/7 would require more resources, hence why I have my own timings and you should too.

My day starts when I wake up and ends when I go to sleep

Forget time and working hours, time begins when you open your eyes and ready to be productive. This is especially true to those of us that work from home and/or runs their own business. Unless you need to deliver a specific thing or do a specific task at a certain time, plan your day according to your time, not the 24 hours system.

Doing work this way makes you forget the things that hold you back like deadlines or the feeling to stop working because its closing time. Keep in mind, this is no excuse to ditch projects deadline or being lazy as working from home using your own timing can lead to the wrong thinking that you don't have to finish things on time.

What I basically try to say is work when you are best fit, not when the clock on the wall tells you to. Of course, exceptions must be made when necessary but for most of the project, this can lead to more productivity. No wonder Google has no fixed work timings and it is one of them most successful companies in the world.

Do what you want, when you want.

Adam A

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