Microsoft removes Free 15 GB OneDrive storage

Officially today, Microsoft is removing the free 15 GB OneDrive storage reducing it to just 5. To add insult to injury, the 15 GB bonus camera upload, as well as 100/200 GB, paid plans dropping to 50 GB costing you $1.99 a month. The new plans are as following:

As you can see, the 1 TB that comes with Office 365 is still unchanged but this move is yet another reason I'm glad I switched back to Dropbox. One would think that a corporation as big and forward thinking as Microsoft would make better use of its services, guess not.

Let's get real, aside from Office 365, OneDrive is nothing special. The Unlimited Storage removal after advertising it aggressively made sure of that. Yes, businesses need to make money and cut corners when not needed but Microsoft should have better planning than a local DVD shop.

I store all my personal pictures in the cloud. I switched to OneDrive from Dropbox due to Office 365 and the limited space for the price back then. But after using it fro about a month I quickly noticed that it's not as smooth as Dropbox was. Syncing problems aside, the organization of the photos was a mess with duplicate and missing photos all over the place I decided to call it quits.

The Windows integrated app was no better. Disabling auto sync was a nightmare. Everything was auto-downloading and I had to look for answers online on how to stop this. I realize that things have changed since Windows 8,1 but that's my experience with the integrated app.

What I'm trying to say is, Microsoft keep making these mistakes every time I try to trust and take it seriously. It's not about the space as there was a tiny window to keep your 15 GB provided you were willing to jump through hoops but that is over now. Microsoft made bold statements regarding OneDrive but failed to deliver. Yes, it is a decent service with nothing special, hence why Microsoft mixed it with Office 365.

And lets not even get into the fact about Microsoft scanning through your files with the ability to delete and close your account for any reason they see fit.

Microsoft, if you want to be taken seriously and be a real competition to Dropbox, you need to get your plans straight. Dropbox became the pioneer of cloud space for a reason. The stuns your pulling makes you look desperate and unprofessional. OneDrive is not perfect, far from it so keep updating the service with features that are lacking with other services. Yes, Office 365 is impressive but don't use it to mask OneDrive's flaws.

Better privacy, perfect sync, and more features is the direction Microsoft should be heading toward.

I will be more than willing to give it another serious run provided it becomes in a better shape than it is. Looks like the "Race to Zero" is not happening after all.

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