I'm a writer. Are you?

Writers. Interesting bunch of creators that tend to look little dirty with messy hear and carrying a mac book pro. Basically a bunch of successful hipsters. That's the definition you would mostly hear if you ask a lot of folks but is there more to it than having a published book under your belt?

The above-described idea of a writer is common and I myself am guilty of believing it in the first place but not anymore. Here is why; I been a writer my whole life without knowing it! Hard to believe I know. So the question is, how did you find out? Simple. I Understood what writing means.

The thing is, I been writing since a young age. Before I even understood what writing was. I always liked creating stuff be it writing a video game guide or creating a new car model in a racing game. That's the reason I was and still am obsessed with games that come with an editor. Consuming content was never enough for me. I wanted more. To leave my mark permanently in my era. I'm not talking about becoming the next big thing although who wouldn't want that. All I want is to create and share my creation with the world.

I wrote quite a few games guides as well as reviews. I also started blogging regularly. Social media while not an important part of my life is also considered a form of writing. I slowed down on writing once I focused on my YouTube channel but the urge to write always kicked in regardless of the audience size. The ability to create something that others might enjoy is enough for me and that is the fundamental rule of a writer.

Anyone who writes and love writing is a writer. You don't have to be a published millionaire to be called a writer. As long as you wrote, you are one. That's what I learned after a long struggle with identity confusion. I have even written an earlier blog post about writing and doing something with your life: https://adamcooper.ghost.io/stop-talking-and-start-writing

We live in the age of technology and enlightenment. There are more than enough apps to keep you writing on the go such as iA writer and Google docs. Have some time to spare as your waiting for your flight? No problem, the smartphone in hand have the tools you need. Writing is no longer a home or office craft that requires a table and a chair.

I hope I managed to clear some confusion you may have had about writing and writers. Don't be shy, dive in. Everyone is welcomed at the creators club. Have great one folks.

Adam A

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