How should Twitter handle the 140 character expansion

It is official, Twitter is planing on expanding the 140 character limit. That is a great news for both the users and publishers. Like it or no, Twitter has became the main source for news publishing and latest celebrity updates. The problem is, the 140 character limit is really slowing things down and limiting the potential. Yes, limits make you more creative but some limits just makes things worse.

Now that Twitter is officially working on expanding the limit a few things came to mind.

Two Types of posts

Twitter should adopt the method of giving both sides what they want, the 140 limit supporters could still post on twitter like they did yesterday, no change.

For the other folks, they could publish blog style. You can have a restriction on new users or even a reputation system. Once you reach the required level you can then post a long blog post. Restricting it for only verified publishers is not a good idea as it will give the impression that twitter is not for everyone.

Blog Post

The long blog post is where things gets interested, Twitter got to do it right and not just throw things together. Long post should have the normal limit with a read more option at the bottom. When clicked, it should load without leaving the page like Facebook. Make it as smooth as possible without crippling the browsing experience.

The option to turn it off?

Something I don't intend of using but I imagine some would like, the option to filter the long blog posts out. Placing a dedicated blog posts tab would be another option for easier browsing.


Just exclude the useless from the character count

Remove the username mentions and links from the limit. A true 140 character with actual information can be enough for many. While we are at it, exclude the commas as well.

I don't want twitter to turn into blogger but having more freedom is always good, even if some claim that limits give us creativity.

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