George Miller please don't ruin Mad Max

May 15 is just around the corner and I wont lie; as a hardcore Mad Max fan I am nervous! Mad Max made post apocalypse cool, and while it wasn't exactly a documentary it was believable enough while still keeping it cool.

When I first heard the news, I blogged about it immediately and kept my hopes up for an amazing return. The thing is, after watching the trailer I am little worried, here is why;

It looks cartoonish

Mad Max was about a dark twisted after Apocalypse civilization found in both mad max 2 and thunderdoom, that's the way the films were setup. With Fury Road's trailer I'm not sure. Over effects and cartoonish fights (flying cars in storm) makes this unMad Max like to me.

Do not reboot

When I first learned that Fury road is a continuation I was happy. I hate reboots and thing they ruin great films and even games so please make this a continuation on the already amazing story.

Don't make it about forosia

While I agree every movie needs a villain or a hero, movies shouldn't be placed around them. After watching the different trailers I cant help but feel that she is hijacking the movie. The rumors of another two movies being made about her isn't helping..

Overall, I am very excited about the movie while nervous at the same time. I just hope this wont end up broken and ruin the previous amazing trilogy.

What a lovely day!

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