eBooks or Paperback?

Books books books, an old format that refuses to die while holding a large following. And for a good reason. And while I personal was not a big fan growing up, I tend to slowly get into reading (Books reading) while carefully selecting what I should read. Funny enough, the book that made me want to read was Harry Potter.

Yes, I read a few books here and there but the major Kickstarter was this book. Now, being in the future and what not we have a few choices when it comes to book reading; eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, etc...

Choices are great as what's right for me may not be right for you. But what do I want? I asked this question as I started buying more books. On one hand, we have an eBook which can be red anywhere provided you have the right app or e-reader. On the other, you have a classic paper book which has its own feel and can be proudly displayed alongside my collation. A real Delima until I realised that the answer both!

We have a few respected bookstores where I live and they can even place an order if I need a specific book so the shortage is not a problem, although specific editions are not available hence the reason I prefer to order things myself. And that's exactly what I did for hard to find books.

A biography book by my favorite stand up comedian, Russel Peters.

That goes for paperback version but what about eBooks. Well, Amazon and iBooks are the two most popular options so I went with the first and bought a Kindle. And man, was I surprised by the quality of the device and reading experience. Reading on a Kindle unlikely an iDevice feel natural and don't hurt your eyes. The technology used make it seem as you are reading an actual paper book and not a digital edition.

I also discovered an even more entertaining version of eBooks, an audio book. Audible subscription gives you a free audio book every month which is yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription. You have the option to buy individual books as well as get a discount if you already own the eBook version. All is great except that the majority of the ebooks and Audio version have the nasty DRM attached to most of the titles.

Sure, you can work around them and Kindle open PDFs but Amazon so far offers a flexible way of using your content so for the majority of people that's not relay a problem. Collectors like me usually buy Hardcover for the special stuff and eVersions for the rest and that's exactly what I'm doing. Some publishers tend to sell DRM-free content anyway so that's another thing you can do.

As you can see, the majority of new books have many versions available. The Steve-O memoir audible edition is red by himself which adds more personality. Although sometimes the eBook version is more expensive than the paperback which in turn makes one decided which version to go.

Overall, buying mix versions (sometimes two for a single book) is what you should be doing. Having a Kindle mix with eBooks and PDFs for old versions that are no longer in print can be a life saver when travelling. Relaxing somewhere with a paperback is also a good choice. All in all, it depends on the situation and how special is a certain book to you.

Try different format and mix things up. Have a great one.

Adam A

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