Digital Books should have a fix price

I admit, I am not a huge book reader as opposite to my mom who read hundreds, if not thousands of different books in three languishes. I on the other hand find it difficult to concentrate. Regardless, I enjoy reading blogs and websites as well as some selected books like Harry Potter, biographies and tutorials. I have considered jumping on the eBook train, but always held back for a few reasons.


I never understood why digital content cost as much or even more than physical. Sure the server costs and what not, but you also save tons on not having to produce materials. The Music industry understood this and made all songs as around $0.99-$1.99 and that was it. Gaming took off on Steam which had and still has great discounts so that's that. The Book industry on the other hand still suffers from the over priced greed. Now I know that its not the writer's fault as digital distributors take a huge cut along with the publishing sharks but I shouldn't pay for less.

Region Restrictions

Things got allot better with time, but still, should you happen to live outside of USA or UK you are basically out of luck in most digital goods. Not everything is available in your region's digital store should there even be one and changing your country to the above is against the terms and conditions if you even can change it.

Paper Book feel better

Sorry, but that's true. You do feel the accomplishment of further reading by turning the pages and bookmark where you stopped. I know the digital versions can do that, but the feeling isn't the same. Strangely enough, I find buying Digital comics is way better than physical, but that's likely due to the huge price difference and availability options. The readers themselves are not that great to me. Call me an old school when it comes to books.

Overall, I am happy that the industry is moving forward and hope that one day digital books will have a standard low price and a much better readers. Until then, I am not sold.

Have a lovely day.

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