Books can hold incorrect information just like any other media

Ever since I was young, my mother kept stressing the importance of books and how they open your mind and increase knowledge. She can finish a book in one day, something I still cant understand. In short, she made me believe that books always hold the truth, but do they?

Are Books alway right?

Surprisingly to many, the answer is no! The reason that people consider the books to be always accurate is that it's the oldest method of knowledge recording therefore accurate. There are books full of BS just as internet post. Yes books tend to be harder to produce and publish but the idea that one should not research online and only use books as some ignorant professors instruct is comical. Move on with the times, I suppose you all ride horses instead of cars because it's the old method of travel lol.

Buttomline, books are another way of information recording or entertainment. It is not the ultimate truth as some may try to pass it. There are many examples where a film is more accurate and even a game. Yes books tend to make us think and imagine but this is not enough to pass it as king of all.

Some people like myself have hard time concentrating so reading can be painful. Nevertheless, I started reading and adjusting and can finally say I'm a picky book guy but I will never say that one way is better than the other.

Happy Reading whatever you do ;)

Adam A

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