BlackBerry Android goes against everything BB stands for

Rumors have it that BlackBerry is considering Android powered phones, and that is basically defeat. For many years Blackberry was and still is an underdog trying to reclaim the glory days that are far behind. The BlackBerry OS 10 didn't exactly move phones off the shelves and the company continues to struggle despite what the fanboys are trying to sell.

Lets face it, BlackBerry has not apps!

The news that BlackBerry is considering Android phones is basically a sign of defeat and giving up on their on OS, and I don't blame them.

Yes the Passport looks great, although many argue its uncomfortable to hold or use, the point is and will always be the lack of OS's apps and uniqueness. What has BlackBerry offered that the rival phones didn't do better? Exactly, NOTHING.

I triad BB OS 10 and while it was an alright OS, nothing special or even as practical as say Jail broken IOS or Android. In fact, I prefer the simplicity and speed of OS 7 on a legacy BlackBerry 9900 which I still have.

BBM Messenger is basically dead

This one hurts the most as I personally holds many great memories of using this great messenger ruined by horrible design and ads. Sadly, WhatsApp managed to score the consumer market by beings simple to use with a clean interface.

What is the selling point again?

Love or hate Google, their Apps gets the job done and helps students non students alike. IOS has its own echo system. What is BlackBerry offering apart from the secure environment that no one besides the president cares about? Its not like the IOS or even Android sends your pictures to sex offenders and share your credit cards across the web.

Blackberry was once kings of the jingle, but when the smart phones era started BlackBerry struggled to make a point. Moving away from your selling point (OS) to the competitor enlivenment means defeat.

I really like the solid keyboard and hope that BlackBerry starts selling again, but with a lack of a clear vision and apps I just don't see it happening. Sorry.

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