Back up and update friends iPhone on your own mac

Many of us has friends and family who had are not into tech but still uses an iPhone or iPad. Setting up their devices and apps can be a headache to them so they ask you to do the job. When IOS 9 came out last week my mom couldn't get the phone and iPad to update due to the overload on the servers so a manual update was necessary. So I packed my Mac with the IPSW that I used on my iPhone and went to my folks house.

When I connected the iPhone I was immediately greeted wit the following lovely message:

iTunes immediately recognized the newly connected iPhone with two options: Setup as a new phone or restore from a backup (mine).

This is no good as I just want to update her phone to the newest IOS version, thats all. iTunes however sees that each person should own a separate mac. The easy work around the following:

  • Create a new guest account

    Make sure to unlock the bellow lock and create a new account.
  • After creating an account, place the ISPW files in the new user directory
    Search the new account's name in the search bar and place the files inside.
  • Reboot and login into your new account from iTunes.
  • Connect the iPhone and manually update using the ISPW by clicking on Check for Update while holding options/alt and selecting the ISPW file.

The update should start.
I know that this not a permanent solution but its better than nothing.

Adam A

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