Apps to use in 2017

New year, new apps. After all, productivity is about adapting new things and dropping the ones that don’t cut it anymore. Like you, I also strive to increase and enhance my productivity hence why I constantly try new apps and technology. Here are the new apps I personally adapted and started using in 2017.

1 DayOne Journal |IOS . macOS|

Journal was something I thought I would never do, that is until I discovered DayOne app. Not only did the app simplify the process it also encouraged me to write mini blogs on my daily trips and activities. You may not appreciate the memories now but trust me, years from now it will be a whole new journey to relive. I even started backdating pictures and how I felt back then as far as I remember.

The IOS App is currently priced at $4.99 while the macOS version goes for $39.99. The IOS version is priced about right as it used to cost $9.99 but the macOS app is kinda pricey considering its the same application as the IOS version. The reasons I’m picking this up is the ease of typing as I backdate my picture and events but other than that, you can do everything on the iPhone/iPad version just fine.

2 Journey |Android . macOS . Windows . Web|

Another option for Android/Windows fans. I personally like this app even better than DayOne and its free on Android with an optional purchase of $4.80. The IOS version is currently being tested so once that’s out, it will truly be available on every platform under the sun and the reasons I like it so much. The macOS/Windows app cost only $12.99 which is a big difference from DayOne’s macOS that costs $39.99.

Both apps can export and import each other’s data so I recommend using DayOne until the IOS version drops if you don’t want to be locked into Apple’s ecosystem or continue to use it otherwise if you’re not leaving anytime soon.
Journey uses Google Drive to sync data as opposite to Day One’s own servers which can be a plus or minus depending on how you see it.

3 BEAR |IOS . macOS|

Bear is an amazing writing app that supports markup. The interface is clear and inspiring enabling you to concentrate on what matters; writing. The web app will be available in the future as per the dev Reddit post. Fingers crossed for Android and Windows release down the line.

The app is available free of charge with in-app purchase of $1.49 per month for syncing across platforms and extra export options.

4 iA Writer |IOS . Android . macOS|

iA Writer is another markup focused writer that goes for $9.99 on the Mac, $3.99 on IOS and Free on Android. The app offers focus mode which blurs everything but the currently typed sentence. This feature alerts you to the way you write enabling you to adjust your sentences and overall the way you structure the whole thing. The one-time purchase is nice considering allot of apps are going toward a subscription model.

5 Google Photos |IOS . Android . macOS . Windows|

Google Photos is a product we all wanted. Free unlimited high quality backup which groups your photos automatically. The service offers two options: Unlimited Backup which auto compress your photos to 16 megapixels and reduces your video resolution to 1080p which is the industry standard. The other option will cost you $1.99 a month for 100 GB and $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte but will preserve your original pictures quality and full videos resolution.

The reason I started using the service apart from the free unlimited backup option is the support for iPhone live photos. Dropbox and other cloud services are good for files and pictures but they are not free. I personally don’t mind the compression as I can barely tell a difference but if you want to preserve your full image quality I suggest using Dropbox, Shoebox or

. . .

So that was it folks. Hope the list helps you become more productive and inspire you to create new content. I will be posting new recommendations as I discover more apps and services so make sure you follow me here or YouTube channel. Take Care folks.

*Main image Designed by Natalka_dmitrova — | edited by me

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