Anderson Silva's win turned no contest, 1 year ban

No more smiling, things got serious and not in a good way for the former UFC middleweight champ when he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Now lets drop the formal tone and discuss why I think this is a good thing. First of all, I would like to point out that I'm not the type of a guy who kicks people when they are down but Silva deserves this. After years of disrespecting his opponents, a guy raised up to the challenge; Chris Weidman.

Not only did Weidman humbled the former champ, he cost him a year after carefully checking his leg kick which Silva calls an instinct rather than skill. So instead of manning up and accepting the losses he continued to talk trash behind Weidmans back.

Fast forward 6 month and we suddenly have a miracle recovery and silva is back in action, except that he is facing a former unranked strikeforce champ and looks bigger than normal. Fast forward about a week or so and we suddenly hear the news that silva took the roids!

Again, instead of manning up he choose the lying path claiming he knows nothing of this and even went as far as to postpone the hearings for four times before the ban hammer landed overturning his not so impressive victory over Diaz.

Michael Bisping: 'Who's to Say #AndersonSilva Hasn't Been Doing This His Entire Career?’

An important question that will never be answered. Never the less, Silva brought his entire legacy into question after denying his actions up to the point of the overturn.

What we all learned from this excep Silva; Disrespecting your opponent is cool and all until a better man comes and humbles you down. One thing for sure; Chris Weidman is here to stay and will face Anderson Silva for the third time possibly after silva defeats a couple of unranked fighters in the name of a comeback to generate cash.

I admit I sounded like Chris Weidman fanboy but believe me when I tell you this; I was the first to doubt new champ until he knocked silva out. Overall, I wish silva the best and hope he learned from all of this and accept hes losses without excuses and cheating.

All the best to all.

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