Am I a Photographer?

Since a young age, I was always fascinated with taking pictures. Now things were little different in the 90s with no cheap mobile phones and cameras. We had, however, a family camcorder that I frequently used to make home movies and other short projects. All the editing was done using two VHS players, a cable and a small stereo. Some of the tapes I still have and converted to digital MP4 files.

Fast forward a few years and I now own a Nokia phone with a 1.5mp camera. I mostly used it to shoot funny videos as well as my skating. The quality was really bad that I had to borrow my dad's cyber shot to make watchable videos. Good times.

Filming aside, I started taking pictures but the old camera technology stood in the way. I later got myself a Blackberry which had a somehow better camera. What really made me commit is the iPhone 4s. The camera took amazing pictures and video. I took as much as I could. I was doing it subconsciously. I took the pictures because I loved taking pictures.

I know have a Canon 700D and my trusted iPhone 6s which shoots stunning quality pictures and videos. Some of my YouTube videos were made using the iPhone. I recently joined a few communities namely the 500px and people were liking my photos.

So am I a photographer? I never called myself that but practiced the craft, just like writing. I guess I was too busy enjoying the hobby instead of self-labeling myself to impress anyone. I know have a backlog of pictures to upload as well as new ideas and technics to continue this amazing hobby. Just think of this: You can shoot as much as you want for free!

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