A quick IOS 9 new notes review

Taking notes is an important part of our daily life, at least to me. And while Evernote was and still is my favorite note taking app, opening it and using it on IOS devices or even when in hurry is not as smooth as it should be. Thats where Notes comes in.

Notes should be easy to use

Ideas and thoughts come at unexpected time and despair before you can even realize that you had something going. Happen to me all the time, no matter how strong and organized you brain is at remembering and storing data, thoughts will always be lost with time.

You may think you will never forget them but you are wrong, and time will prove it. It was after I kept forgetting my work passwords that I realized that no matter how much important the thing that we want to remember is, nothing is set in stone.

I then started using Evernote for work passwords and data that I will not use daily. I had open the app, navigate to the correct note and type whatever I wanted to type. Great interface and all, but not practical for a quick use.

I needed something quick, something that felt smooth and right. something for the moment.

Apple Notes was the thing I was looking for, and after spending time and money I finally realized that simplicity is productivity.

I was very excited about IOS 9 after learning that the note taking app will now be bigger and better with the much needed features.

The catch was that you needed to upgrade all your IOS devices and OSX to sync the new notes. Since I have an iPhone 5s and the new El Capitan will be a free upgrade for my mac, why not?!

As you can see, you can now great notebooks "Folders" like Work / Personal and great appropriate notes inside. This alone is a reason to use the Notes app unless your switching devices (IOS, Android or Windows phone) or simply need to stream them across OSs.

Never the less, you could always copy the notes and paste them in your Evernote account once you have time.

Any way, I managed to play with most of the features and so far I like what I see. Yes it can be little hard to switch to the word formatting but at least now you can do serious organization using the default IOS app. The picture attachment is a life savior as well.

I imagine that more students will start using this since you can attach pictures and what not so thats something. I wish I had this back in my youth.

Overall, the end result looks something like the below.

Lovely isn't it? Im not saying that this is an Evernote killer, but I will sure use this more.

I will be playing with more features and see the end results but for now I like what I see.

Adam A

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