5 things you should avoid posting on social media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Yes, most of its users are lame and share stupid political posts that they hardly know about, but there are a few that are over the top in the category of annoying. Below are my personal favorite -not- five.

5. The Pro!

A pro at everything that's going on. This person will constantly brag about how great he or she is at [insert an event here] and will pretend that they practiced the craft long before it was cool and mainstream. One minute they are writers, next thing you know they are film makers followed by professional comedians and the list goes on. Yes, people have multi talents and I myself practice more than one hobby, but being pro at EVERYTHING is absorbed. You should be ruling the world by now.

4. Children Poster

It's cool to love and be proud of your own child, just don't over %$^&ing do it! We get it, your kids are cute. I added / followed you on the site to know about YOU! Spamming my feed with your children's pictures is hardly what anyone wants or cares. Posting a few accomplishments is fine, but there is a fine line between spamming and posting. Nobody cares, really.

3. The Drama Queen

Special type that was on my Facebook account that constantly posted how this person did her wrong. The problem is, no matter how nice I tried to be she always replayed with a grumpy post that made me want to take back whatever I posted. If you don't want people to reply, keep your damn drama to yourself. You're not the only one with problems.

2. The Bullshiter

This special snowflake will often post BS content and will get offended when people call him out. This type cannot reason and will often result to name calling and accusation of you being ignorant without any logical counter argument. Arguing with this type will often result in him / her calling her friends and family to attack you in order to feel important and correct. Modern day spoiled school Feminists take the cake for the above.

1. The Conspiracy Theorist

The winner of the list. This type of person will constantly post ridiculous consistory theories and instantly call you a sheep and an agent should you talk back. Reasoning with this type is useless. No matter how much evidence you provide, the theorist will just call you brainwashed and working for the New World Order.

Honorable Mentions

A few worth noting

a. The Job spammer

Constantly advertises his job's products or updates. Basically overrates his professional career to look cool. Dude, we don't care if your company launched a new line of BMW.

b. The Ghost.

Inactive user who only adds people while posting nothing. Dude, if you're not going to share anything, then don't join. Simple as that. Women tend to do this to spy on their husbands / boyfriends.

Thank you for reading my list of the most annoying social media users. Talk to you in the next post.

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