5 things self driving cars will make greater!

While browsing the net I came across an article about self driven cars and thought of all the htings this can improve. Here are my top 5 list:

Less Accidents

Lets face it, accident free roads will not be available until years and years even with self driven cars. System crash, bugs or simply a malfunction can and WILL trigger an accident at some point.

The question is; how often? Not that much. It is true that every once in awhile an accident will happen but compared to humans powered cards it will be like 1/1000000. Pretty good if you ask me and yes I made this number up.

No need for a license

In other words, you don't need to hair a family driver for your under aged daughter to drive to her dance. How many times you wanted to relax only for someone calling you for a ride? You get the idea.


God forbid something happens and you or any one you care about cant drive? I know that 911 is there for a reason but in so many cases driving yourself it faster. Need to send something from home to work fast? No problem.

Care free trips

Sleeping in the back while the car do all the hard work only for you to wake up in the morning and discover that you drunkenly ordered the car to drive you half way across to the wrong place you thought was cool at the time! Jokes aside, relaxing and playing monopoly on a trip is double the fun.

Safety first

The auto car will follow the rules of the road and put you first by not doing something reckless. Pedestrians can feel safer too considering they will not get smashed by a human error. Everyone wins.

Let me know what you think, have a lovely day.

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