3 WhatsApp features that we all need

What made WhatsApp successful is cross-platform support and simplicity. I remember firing the blackberry OS app for the first time and thinking to myself, this will never neat BBM. Months later and Whatsapp updated its entire design cleaning unnecessary junk and keeping things simple. BBM was still ahead but IOS and Android were on the rise.

Fast forward to today and Whatsapp is now the dominant messaging app used by a billion around the world. With time the app received important updates such as web version and archives. Still, the most important and critical features are yet to be delivered. Of course, each of us has his/her own set of desired features but I think allot of you will agree with my list. So without wasting any more time here is my features request list.

Deleting sent messages

I don't know about you but I had my fair share of mistaken messages sent to the wrong group. BBM already support this and so should WhatsApp. The feature is important because it can save you from sending out important stuff to the wrong person which can be catastrophic. The developers can implement a post timer which lets you delete a message withing an hour or so. Whatsapp, make it happen.

Sending full resolution Media

Yes, I do realize sending 3 MB photos and videos can be a data hog but at least include the option to request full-size photos and videos again, like BBM. Having an on/off option in app's settings won't hurt as well. Go a step further and let us customize our settings per contract. My family's full res vacation photos were lost because of this.

Timed Messages

I'm taking about expiring messages that will automatically be deleted after someone. A step further would be to notify the sender of screenshot attempt aka Snapchat. Deleting the whole conversation on demand won't hurt as well.

The above three is what comes to mind and in my opinion, the most important features that we are yet to get. Of course there other enhancement that could simplify the app even further but for the meantime, I would like to receive the above features especially the ability to delete sent messages.

So what do you guys think? Let me know your top requested features or changes.

Adam A

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